Efficient POSM

The efficiency of our pushers and our bottomless shelves allow your products to be perfectly presented in stores. Terbasystème : because it’s important to be in front !

Clear and cared presentation

Your products are always well presented in between the dividers. The pusher brings the products forward automatically.

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Bottomless shelf

Terbasystème provides you with the new self-carried and bottomless shelf. This new concept guarantees an optimal presentation of your products and it is very easy to install. The shelf is mounted very quickly et without any tool. A universal fixing system is included at the back for easy fixing.

Clickable Pushers

Our new clickable pusher can be quickly adapted onto any existing fixture. Benefit from an unprecedented easiness of use! You do have to change all your furniture to benefit from the high quality and the advantages of the pushers from Terbasystème.

Aluminum Pushers

The pushers from Terbasystème have been developed 20 years ago by Gilles Lauterbach. Those pushers have been copied several times, but never equaled. The quality of the materials used to manufacture those pushers make them the most reliable on the market and they ensure a good presentation of your products in the stores.

More efficient POSM

The efficiency of our pushers allied with our bottomless shelves allow your products to be perfectly well presented in the stores. Terbasystème is present on many various sectors : Shop-Fitting – Superstores – Pharmacies and parapharmacies – Tobacco Shops – Cosmetics – Food and Non-Food – POSM…

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TERBASYSTEME was founded 20 years ago. Born and raised in Burgundy, the company is located at Chevigny Saint Sauveur, near Dijon, and this is still where all the pushers are manufactured. If you need further information, a price offer or anything related to our pushers, please feel free to contact us. We would help you out in your projects with great pleasure.

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